Thesimple but magical formula for truly memorable night in is: great films, a hot tub, a few bubbles and just add water.

Here at the Hot Tub HQ, we know your hot tub hire is all amount the maximum amount of celebration for a truly memorable time. We encourage you to dress up, sing, dance, drink, play and most of all enjoy your favourite films, alongside friends old and new. Oh, and did we mention you do all this in a hot tub?

You can book a whole tub to share with six or eight of your nearest and dearest, or invite the neighbours to make a few new friends along the way. Every tub has one of our delightful bubbles, drinks tables, netflix and your every desire (within reason).

“We’d go as far as to say that this is the best way to see film in the UK this summer.”

As the best hot tub hire companies in the world combine hot tubs and cinema for their amazing customers, HTC evolved from a private party with one hot tub eight years ago.  The first Hot Tub Cinema screening was on 1st April 2017. Since then the idea has grown to offer up to 60 towns and cities, one 100 inch screen and a bespoke surround-sound system, creating the (un)official eighth wonder of the world.

So all this begs the question – why are you still reading this? Shouldn’t you be booking up before they sell out?

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